Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Power of 3:Three Ultimate Truths to Change Your Life

This Three Part Workshop will assist participants in mastering three core concepts from three disciplines (Transpersonal Psychology, Energy Medicine, and the Meditative Arts) that will assist with transformation of Body, Mind and Soul. Useful in expanding consciousness, health and healing and relationships, this workshop will be conducted in a small group format, allowing plenty of group as well as individual time for all participants.

The material for this workshop derives from Dr. Huber’s research and clinical practice and is the basis of a current book project. Space is limited to nine participants and special pre-screening required.

Palm Springs, California
December 13 (2009), January 3 & 10 (2010)

$333 (includes all costs, fees and materials)

During this workshop you will learn/experience:
* Three Core Truths to apply to every aspect of your life, resulting in greater freedom and success

* Sacred Numerology of 3, 33, 333 and why these numbers are crucial in our world

* Instruction on the benefits and the integration of Transpersonal Psychology,
Energy Medicine (including Homeopathic Principles) and the Meditative Arts in daily life.

* Trance states that will expand your consciousness, elevate your mood and reveal your true purpose

* Explorations of Core Beliefs that can either imprison or free you

* Group interaction and support in following your bliss and improving relationships

* Multiple ways to maximize your energy field and immune system

* Daily, individualized healing systems for Body*Mind*Soul

* Multiple energy techniques for healing—Reiki, Reconnection, TAT, EFT, TFT, and flowers essences with experiential practice and the opportunity to receive energy healing

* Deepening meditative states to bring about calm and reveal Absolute Truth

* Methods for discerning and following your own particular spiritual path

* Ways to expand intuition and inner knowing

* Strategies for embracing the moment—BEING-- and integrating full potential

* Integration of the highest potential of your personality with a soul based personality assessment

* Investigatory exercises with likeminded soulful participants

* A workbook of techniques and practices based on The Power of Three