Saturday, March 1, 2008

Awakenings - A Body*Mind*Spirit Program for Living Joyfully

Beginning March 13, 2008
Based on a workbook Simple Practices by Timothy Huber, Ph.D., this 7-week group program includes an in-depth assessment utilizing psychological, physical, and spiritual scales which will help identify the major roadblocks in your life. Individualized feedback on ways to know your true self, release old personality patterns, and lead a life of purpose and joy will be given. Beginning in late February, you will meet with other participants every other week in an experiential, instructional, supportive group setting to practice, share and master well-founded techniques to assist you even further in living a more stress-free, authentic, joyful life.

To schedule your assessment and group membership or for more information call:
Timothy D. Huber, PhD at 760-994-9333.

Dr. Timothy Huber is a Transpersonal Psychologist (Psy#20497), Homeopath, Creative Arts Therapist and Intuitive Healer who specializes in psychotherapy, retreats and trainings which serve to awaken to one’s true self. He assists individuals, couples and groups in private practice, hospitals and educational systems.

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